The Pre-Sports Puppy by Rachel Sanders

The Pre-Sports Puppy
Rachel Sanders

Agility is an off-leash sport in an often highly distracting environment. A balance of play and control for young puppies allows for an easy transition into agility training and competition. In this DVD, you will see Rachel Sanders presenting at the 2007 Clean Run Instructors Conference. During her presentation, she discusses and demonstrates her training methods for young pre-sport puppies, 3-14 months old.

Topics she covers are:
* Hands-on control
* Sit, stand, and down (stationary and moving)
* Stay
* Balancing food and toy play
* Basic recalls and recalls with distractions
* Left and right directionals
* Hand touches
* Line up left and right side
* Wobble board work and the teeter bang game
* Initial jump work

Rachel Sanders is the owner of Fast Forward Dog Sports in Atascadero, California. She has been involved in a variety of dog training activities including competitive obedience, general pet training, hearing dog training, and agility training for the past 25 years. Recently, her focus is solely on agility or agility related training. Rachel currently competes with her two Border Collies, Fable & Stuie, and her Jack Russell Terrier, Better.

Since becoming involved in agility in 1994, Rachel's successes include:

* 1st place 1999 USDAA National Champion—26" division (Whist)
* 1st place 2000 USDAA National Steeplechase Champion—12" division (Trump)
* 3rd place 2001 USDAA National Championships—22" division (Whist)
* 1st place 2002 USDAA National/World Champion—12" division (Trump)
* 1st place 2003 USDAA Veterans World Champion—16" division (Whist)
* 3rd place 2003 AKC Nationals—20" division (Whist)
* Finalist 2004 USDAA Performance—16" division (Whist)
* Finalist 2005/2006 AKC Nationals—24" division (Fable)
* 3rd place 2006 USDAA Steeplechase Championships—26" division (Fable)
* 4th place 2006 USDAA World Championships—26" division (Fable)
* 1st place 2007 Northwest Regional—26" division (Fable)
* 4th place 2007 USDAA Steeplechase Championships—26" division (Fable)
* Finalist 2007 USDAA Grand Prix World Championships—26" division (Fable)
* Selected to represent USA at 2008 IFCS in Belgium (Fable)
* 2008 Silver medalist IFCS World Agility Championships (Fable)
* 2009 USDAA CynoSport Games 4th place team (Fable)
* 2009 USDAA CynoSport Games 10th place team (Stuie)
* USDAA Gold Lifetime Achievement award with Whist
* USDAA Silver Lifetime Achievement award with Fable
* USDAA Bronze Lifetime Achievement award with Trump
* AKC Finalist in 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2006 with Whist, Trump & Fable

She has put ADCH titles on 4 dogs— Spinner, Whist, Trump & Fable and MACH titles on Whist (MACH 3), Trump (MACH 2) & Fable (MACH).

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Puppy Training
Retrieving & Hunting

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