First Steps - Bird Dog Training by Ben Garcia

First Steps - Bird Dog Training
Ben Garcia

Building a successful foundation for your bird dog is the key to developing a solid and rewarding relationship. First Steps is designed to get your dog started on the right path and to get you and your dog used to working together in the field. First Steps is a low-stress training program suitable for first-time owners or experienced handlers.

Featured breeds include English pointers, English setters, German shorthair pointers, cocker spaniels, springer spaniels, brittany spaniels, gordon setters, labrador retrievers, and golden retrievers. Dogs used in First Steps range in age and in level of training. Approx. 120 minutes.

Introduction to the check cord
Introduction to birds - pointing breeds
Introduction to birds - flushing breeds
Introduction to the flush
Introduction to retrieving
Introduction to water
Introduction to bird launchers
Introduction to the barrel
Introduction to the gun
Introduction to the e-Collar
Tying it all together

Ben Garcia of Hideaway Kennels has quietly earned himself the reputation of being one of today’s foremost bird dog trainers.

People have gotten to know and respect Ben though his professionalism on guided hunts and his field trial participation. He has also conducted numerous demonstrations at shows around the country through his affiliations with top-notch organizations such as Sport DOG, PURINA PRO PLAN, Zoom Dog Supplements, and Dogs Unlimited.

In fact, wherever you go these days, chances are you’ll run into someone with a dog trained by Ben. They’ll tell you that Ben’s enthusiasm for dog training is contagious. His dogs handle well, hunt hard, look stylish on game, and display the utmost confidence in the field. It’s a beautiful thing to watch, they’ll say.

A commitment to training in only the best conditions and environments — an important factor in Ben’s widely successful program — annually takes him and his dogs to North Dakota in the summer and to Texas in the winter. The spring and fall are spent at home training at Rocky Mountain Roosters, Colorado’s finest hunting preserve. Learn more about the training facilities here.

Ben’s training days began in college while he earned his degree in Communication, specializing in non-verbal communication techniques such as interaction learning. He caught the training bug while guiding goose hunts, and, for many years, he learned under the late Fred Schulze of Southview Kennels. Fred was a true friend and mentor who helped develop the training methods and breeding strategies still utilized by Ben today.

No biography on Ben would be complete, however, without mention of his chocolate Lab, Sage and perhaps his most famous dog his English Setter FC/AFC RILEY’S RUNNIN’ HIDEAWAY MH, JH. Together they hunted nearly every kind of bird in the West and Southwest, winning more than their fair share of field trials along the way.

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