Teach Your Dog to Come... Every Time by Adam Katz

Teach Your Dog to Come... Every Time
Adam Katz

Want to get your dog to come back to you reliably when he's off-leash? When you watch this video, you'll know how. You'll see proven techniques that work before your very own eyes. Adams shows you what works in reality - on real, untrained dogs - to get them to stop whatever they're doing and immediately turn around and happily run back to you, on command. Without doggie biscuit bribery.

Adam has had clients pay him more than $3000, just to learn the concepts in this video. You won't even have to worry if your dog has a history of running away from you. You'll learn how to "trick" your dog into thinking that he's free to turn away, when in fact he's trailing a 30-foot long line. This allows you to train him safely around the most tempting distractions...without making him "leash smart".

About Adam Katz:

Adam has done training for obedience, competition, behavior modification, drug detection, tracking, schutzhund, police work, agility, film and personal protection.

He founded dogproblems.com and has traveled across the country and worked with some of the top trainers.

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Basic Training

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