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A Modern View of Correction by Gottfried Dildei

A Modern View of Correction
Gottfried Dildei

Using the concept of generalization, Gottfried demonstrates the kind, humane use of correction to extinguish incorrect behaviors in the obedience phase. He also shows how to utilize the benefits of prey behavior without encountering the disadvantages. This production also demonstrates how to introduce correction, it's application in the training of a low drive dog as well as how to solidify behaviors using the concept of generalization.

English Chapters include:

Compulsion as a Surprise
The Spheres of Compulsion
The Spheres of Compulsion I- Heeling in Attention
Spheres of Compulsion II- The Down
Spheres of Compulsion III- The Sit and Stand in Motion
Using Prey

This title is in the following categories:

Advanced/Pro Training

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