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Frae the Cradle by Tweedhope Sheepdogs

Frae the Cradle
Tweedhope Sheepdogs

Frae The Cradle is a unique, heart-warming episode steeped in history and folk-lore set against dramatic hills.

The first of three planned DVDs providing an insight into Tweedhope Sheepdogs - a sagacious family of working/trial collies bred in Scotland's spectacular Border country.

Produced by Viv Billingham, authoress of One Woman and her Dog, Whistle While you Work, Tweedhope Sheepdogs and a Shepherd's Wife

Viv was born and bred into a world of sheep and sheepdogs and has run her own dogs from a very early age. In 1982 she rose to public fame when she competed (with the now famous 'Garry') in 'One Man and His Dog' on TV, this shortly following her cap for Scotland at the Blair Athol International Trial.

Viv has represented Scotland at International Level in Brace Trialling and has travelled extensively throughout North America and Europe running training seminars and judging trials. She gives tuition, training and working demonstrations.

Viv Says 'A working sheepdog must be moulded with great care over a period of time, depending on the quality of the material provided and the intricacy of the shape required, until finally you behold the finished article - your creation - hopefully a combination of brains ability and great beauty'.

Viv has written 4 books - mostly autobiographical - about her life with her dogs and lots of little stories about other friends and happenings. The first book was ‘One woman and her Dog’, followed by ‘The Shepherds Wife’, and then ‘Tweedhope Sheepdogs’

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