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AGGRESSION - IN DEPTH by John Rogerson

John Rogerson

All about aggression with John Rogerson - In this 3 day seminar you will find: relationships that owners have with their dogs, defining what is meant by aggression as distinct from aggressive display - genetics, the role of the environment in development, breed traits and learning theories. Discussion on dogs that are aggressive towards people: the reasons that this occurs, the categories of aggression and how we assess and measure behavior prior to and during a behavior program. We then look at dogs that aggress towards other dogs and once again examine the reasons behind this behavior. Strategies for carrying out behavioral evaluations on dog/dog aggression are covered and also strategies for improving a dog's behavior.

FORMS OF AGGRESSION COVERED INCLUDE: Food Aggression; Nervous Aggression Toward People; Dog Aggression On Lead; Dog Aggression Off Lead; Possession Aggression; Protective Aggression

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Advanced/Pro Training
Problem Dogs

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