What to do...When My Dog Pulls? by Turid Rugaas

What to do...When My Dog Pulls?
Turid Rugaas

Turid’s dream is to live in a society where dogs are respected and appreciated for what they are. No one who jerks or drags the dog by his neck; on the contrary, he can sniff interesting smells and look at what is going on around him. If you teach him quietly to walk well with a loose leash, remembering that you should respect his natural curiosity about his surroundings, the relationship with your best friend will grow and flourish.

All footage of this DVD has been filmed live during Turid Rugaas’s seminars and camps all over the world. This video unites theory and practice in seven different locations to explore what leash work means to Turid and how to learn and practice the techniques and gain an understanding of the philosophy behind them. This menu driven DVD allows you to choose any language with subtitling.

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