Handcuffing and Control by Ed Frawley

Handcuffing and Control
Ed Frawley

It is common for rookie police officers to undergo a rude awakening when they discover, to their bewilderment and consternation, that the arrest and control techniques that they were taught at the academy, the ones that worked so well in the gym, don't work very well on the street.

John Farnam recommends two handcuffing techniques:

one for misdemeanor arrests and
another for felony arrests.

Both methods allow you to maintain maximum control of the situation.

If the misdemeanor arrest turns into a resisting arrest - the technique being used can easily flow into the felony cuffing technique. John shows you how.

Each method is demonstrated in SLOW MOTION and at NORMAL SPEED - with a cooperating and then an uncooperating suspect in viable arrest scenarios. The weak and dangerous points of both procedures are explained and demonstrated. This video was shot in one of John's actual police training seminars.

The subject of speed cuffing and hinged cuffs are discussed in detail, along with discussions of many older techniques that are no longer recommended.

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