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Your Athletic Dog by Suzanne Clothier

Your Athletic Dog
Suzanne Clothier

Originally released back in 1995, Your Athletic Dog was a finalist for Best Video from the Dog Writers Association of America. This groundbreaking video was ahead of its time. Clothier went beyond the traditional structural approach to look at the role of functional movement as an aspect of athletic ability.

20 years later, the information in Your Athletic Dog remains accurate, timely and helpful to any serious handler interested in understanding their dog's body and helping their canine athlete remain sound and active. Clothier's systematic approach uses observation, gait analysis and hands-on work to assess functional athletic ability. Specifics are provided on using massage, stretching, and veterinarian approved exercises to increase flexibility and improve function. Exercise physiology basics are also presented so that handlers can make informed decisions about conditioning and training.

Topics covered:

The Functional Assessment

Overall Picture
Quality of Movement
Joint Flexion
The Back
Foot Placement & Body Alignment
Moving On A Circle
Red Flags

Exercise With A Purpose

Passive Stretching
Biscuit Stretches
Gradient Work – Walk, Gallop & Cross Gradient

Regardless of the breed or the individual dog's structure, Your Athletic Dog is aimed at helping handlers understand how to help their canine athletes remain sound and functional, performing at their very best, whatever the sport may be.

“. . a perceptive, uncomplicated approach to canine gait analysis and biomechanics suitable for both the novice and professional.” Dr. Sue Ann Lesser, DVM, chiropractic veterinarian

“A well produced, compendious and highly instructive video about an often ignored, yet extremely important topic.” Dr. Ian Dunbar, PhD, MRCVS

“Beautifully produced, this video is a significant contribution to an understanding of the total dog.” Wendy Volhard, The Holistic Guide to a Healthy Dog

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