Xtreme Foundations by Silvia Trkman

Xtreme Foundations
Silvia Trkman

X-treme Foundations DVD will push you train for even more and get you ready for just about any extreme challenge you can meet on a course. It's especially appropriate for:

teams competing or aspiring to compete at highest levels
slower handlers with fast dogs who need independence even more
anybody enjoying training dogs, looking for even more fun challenges

It covers extreme challenges on verbal discrimination, come to hand, threadles, pushes, obstacle discrimination, tunnel traps and weaves. It comes together with 17-page pdf file with many different sequences, mostly requiring minimal space and equipment, so it's easy to implement in your normal training.

And who else could be a better cover girl for Xtreme Foundations as... The Super Midget - hard to show her Xtreme speed and Xtreme skills in a picture... - but never a problem to show her Xtreme attitude

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