Duck Dog Basics III - Advanced Handling by Chris Akin

Duck Dog Basics III - Advanced Handling
Chris Akin

Duck Dog Basics III -- Advanced Handling was developed to take you and your dog to the next level of training. Learn advanced handling skills and pattern blind work with one of the top retriever trainers. Chris Akin has achieved numerous accolades in the retriever training community of SRS, AKC, and HRC, and he continues to train hunting companions today.

If you have successfully completed Duck Dog Basics and Duck Dog Basics II -- Basic Handling, and you are certain you and your dog have laid the groundwork, then you will be ready for Duck Dog Basics III -- Advanced Handling.


Building the 9 Point and Pattern Water Blinds
Akin's 9 Point Prep
9 Point Drill
Akin's Answers -- Cold Water
Akin's Pattern Water Blind Prep
Pattern Water Blinds
Akin's Log Drill
Building the 7 Point Drill
Akin's 7 Point Prep
7 Point Water Drill
7 Point With White Bumpers
7 Point With Orange Bumpers
Akin's Answer - Casting Technique
Building and Developing Pattern Blinds
5 Day Land Pattern Blinds
Akin's Answers
Difference in Pattern and Cold Blinds
Advanced Land Pattern Blinds
Akin's Answers -- The Stadium
DDB III In Close

About Chris Akin

Chris Akin is a duck hunter. His entire career has been built on a love for duck hunting. It wasn't long after high school that Chris figured a way to make a living as close to duck hunting as possible. It was dogs. He began to understand that he had a natural talent to train retrievers, and with time, he developed into one of the very best of our time.

Chris' training style is what many might call unconventional. Unlike just about every other great, Chris' training doesn't fall into a "Rex Carr or Farmer/Aycock" theory. It's all based on a huge number of retrievers trained. It's a safe argument to say that at 41 years old, Chris may have trained more retrievers than anyone in history. With right under 4,000 retrievers going through Webb Footed Kennels over the past 20-plus years, there are very few that can claim to see and actually handle anywhere close to as many retrievers as Chris has. Chris' style is based on a retriever's strengths as his style uses a less-pressure approach. You'll find that Chris uses more "attaboys" and "attagirls" than almost any trainer in the business.

Chris, his wife Janet and children Kristen and Clay live about 100 yards west of Webb Footed Kennels in the northeastern tip of Arkansas in Bono. He's well known for training all seven days of every week, so don't be afraid to stop by and ask questions anytime.

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