Firstly....Why Choose BowWowFlix?

It's a No-Brainer! Here's why in a nutshell:

  • We have the largest selection of dog training DVD titles available for rent on the internet! Look for yourself and compare! And we're always adding the Newest Titles Releases so you'll never run out of good dog viewing material when you become a member of the BowWowFlix Family.

  • No Additional Membership Sign-Up Fees (the only payment you make is your single flat monthly membership payment)

  • Cancel At Anytime (no questions asked! No long term committments!)

  • Keep the DVDs As Long as You Want! Some of the training material provided on these DVDs takes multiple viewings and we want you to be able to take as much time as you need to review them. At BowWowFlix, you return the DVDs when you're ready! That means there are no time limitations or pesky emails telling you that your rental is late over overdue.

  • Exchange DVDs as often as you want each month and get FREE SHIPPING!

How Does It Work?
Once you become a BowWowFlix member, you can immediately begin making selections from our large inventory of DVD titles by clicking on the "Rent" button of the titles you'd like to see. Those titles become part of your "Rental Queue" which is a list of the titles you've chosen. You can add UNLIMITED titles to your rental queue! Once you select the DVDs you want to watch and add them to your Rental Queue and prioritize them the way you want, that's all you need to do! The DVDs are then shipped the next business day and delivered to your door by first class mail. You also MUST return the DVD in the original packaging provided when returning the DVD to prevent the disc from scratches and breakage. We pay additional postage for this packaging and it must always be included with your DVD rental return. Once we receive the DVD backs, we ship the next DVD in your rental queue the very next business day. We will always send you email confirmations when your DVDs are shipped/received. You can also always view the status of your current rental activity in your rental queue and past rental history via My Account.

How Do I Sign Up?
Easy, click here! (please note that you must consent to our legal terms and conditions so review them thoroughly)

What If A DVD Is Lost In The Mail?
Cases of missing DVDs are extremely rare. It is important that you doublecheck your junk mail to ensure the mailer was not discarded and check with household members to make sure the DVD was not misplaced before filing a report. We work closely with USPS regarding lost/stolen mailers and report all instances to them. They in turn help us to trace any missing or misrouted shipments.

How Much Does it Cost?
You can choose from 4 different Montly Plans:

Package Name Membership Months No. of Titles Price
1 DVD at a time   -UNLIMITED 1 1 $12.95/mo
2 DVDs at a time - UNLIMITED 1 2 $18.95/mo
3 DVDs at a time - UNLIMITED 1 3 $23.95/mo
4 DVDs at a time - UNLIMITED 1 4 $28.95/mo

What does this mean?
If, for example,  you choose the 1 DVD at a time plan, you can rent 1 DVD at a time, return it and exchange for the next DVD in your queue - and so on- as many times as you like over the course of a month - for just $11.95! Our rental system is "per DVD disc" not "per DVD title".

How Much Is Shipping And What Is The Shipping Timeframe?
Shipping is FREE each way! Your DVDs will be delivered to you in a 2-way envelope, which includes a prepaid mailer for you to return your DVD when you're done watching it. You will be receive an email notification every time a title is shipped and received. Shipping generally takes 2-4 business days each way depending on your location.

Unlike Netflix that has a shipping warehouse in every state, we are a niche service that ships from one location in Washington state. Please keep this in mind and appreciate that the value of what you are paying compared to the retail value of the DVDs is a pretty generous comparison. Our members average 3 exchanges a month. Our average cost of our DVDs (whether single or part of a set) is $40. So if you are on a 1 disc plan and renting $120 dollars of merchandise a month for $11.95, it's not such a bad exchange! If you are on a multiple disc plan, you can stagger your rental returns so you have less wait period between shipments.

How Does Membership Billing work?
Memberships are billed immediately upon sign up. Your account will be re-billed on your monthly billing cycle date (every 30 days from the date you signed up). Members may change plans at any time by clicking on the "My Account" button and then clicking on the "Upgrade/Downgrade Subscription" link. This option is not applicable for Gift Membership recipients unless the recipient decides to enroll in a regular Membership once their Gift Period has expired. "Upgrades" in plans are automatically processed and DVDs will ship the next business day. The members will be immediately billed for the difference of the Upgrade plan. "Downgrades" in plans will take affect as soon as the discs are received back by us to justify the difference in the downgrade plan. (for example, if you downgrade from 4 to 2 discs, 2 discs must be received back to us before your plan is downgraded to the 2 disc plan. Again, no refunds for partial months of use will be credited. Future billing cycles will be billed at the new rate. So please be aware of your billing date and keep this in mind when upgrading or downgrading a rental plan. It is very important that all members keep their billing current. You can always update your billing card via our secured server in the My Account section. Due to the value of our DVDs, we take billing issues fairly seriously. Please see our terms and conditions for more information on our member requirements regarding billing.

How Do I Cancel?
Members may cancel their subscription at any time by logging onto clicking on the "My Account" button and then clicking on "Cancel Subscription" link. Please note that there are no refunds or credits for partial periods or unused rental program periods. If you cancel and still have DVD titles out, you will still get billed if they are not returned before your next billing cycle. A DVD is still considered "rented out" until it is returned back since we cannot rent it to other members. For more information about billing and membership policies, please view our terms and conditions.

Shop With Confidence
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