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AGGRESSION - IN DEPTH by John Rogerson
Instructor: John Rogerson

All about aggression with John Rogerson - In this 3 day seminar you will find: relationships that owners have with their dogs, defining what is meant by aggression as distinct from aggressive display - genetics,...(more)

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Breed, Cross Breed, Mix Breed Identification by Sue Sternberg
Title: Breed, Cross Breed, Mix Breed Identification
Instructor: Sue Sternberg

This DVD's focus is on identifying dog breeds or cross-breeds and mixes. It focuses on how to identify them and the different types of physical characteristics. About Sue: Sue Sternberg is the founder and director of Rondout...(more)

Breeding and Whelping Dogs by Debbie Jensen
Title: Breeding and Whelping Dogs
Instructor: Debbie Jensen

Canine Reproduction Whelping Guide by Debbie Jensen on dog breeding and Whelping Supplies needed to deliver a litter of puppies. The pregnant dog includes breeding your dogs. Tips on mating to get her pregnant and...(more)

Breeding Better Dogs by Dr. Carmen Battaglia
Title: Breeding Better Dogs
Instructor: Dr. Carmen Battaglia

If you are trying to develop a breeding program, here's a technique that works. Includes all the information needed to set up, has a clear, concise approach to the principles of breeding, with a basic...(more)

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Breeding Working Lines and NVBK Training by Gus Artiles
Title: Breeding Working Lines and NVBK Training
Instructor: Gus Artiles

This DVD explains the breeding methods of Gus Artiles, his selection process of his breeding stock and his philosophy. It talks about how he started his breeding program and how it evolved. It also speaks...(more)

Creating Superstar Dogs Seminar by Jerry Hope
Title: Creating Superstar Dogs Seminar
Instructor: Jerry Hope

Raising Superstar Dogs Seminar DVD covers Jerry’s Superstar Program from birth through 12 weeks old; the earliest age Jerry recommends sending pups to their new homes. Professionally using lecture and video, Jerry weaves a clear...(more)

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Creating the Perfect Puppy by Dr. Sophia Yin
Title: Creating the Perfect Puppy
Instructor: Dr. Sophia Yin

In this 103-minute DVD, Dr. Yin tells the story of how she secretly trained her father's Cattle Dog puppy, Lucy, for a week before she gave Lucy to him. As a result her father started...(more)

Dog PRO Business Workshop by Veronica Boutelle
Title: Dog PRO Business Workshop
Instructor: Veronica Boutelle

Make More Money * Help More Dogs * Get Peace of Mind You love working with dogs but worry about the rent. You can't imagine doing anything else but wonder whether you can really do this...(more)

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Dogsteps: What to Look For In A Dog by Rachel Page Elliott
Title: Dogsteps: What to Look For In A Dog
Instructor: Rachel Page Elliott

The most complete information on canine gait and movement available in video format. Includes anatomical diagrams and film clips of still and moving x-rays which provide a look at bone and joint motion inside the...(more)

How Breed History Influences Behavior by Sarah Wilson
Title: How Breed History Influences Behavior
Instructor: Sarah Wilson

Behaviors that have been selected for over the generations come “hardwired” in certain dog breeds (mixes). These fundamental differences can lead to miscommunication between the breeds, (the classic herding dog goes after a young Retriever...(more)

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