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Emails Regarding Member DVD Rental Activity:
If you are sending an email regarding any information relating to your DVD rental activity (ie. broken DVD, lost DVD, DVD playback issues, lost return mailer, etc.), please use the "Report a Problem" link which is located at the top of your rental queue next to your current rental activity. All issues or concerns related to DVD rentals must be filed via this method so that our staff has the relevant information they need to resolve issues promptly and efficiently as possible.

Emails Regarding Cancellation:
If you want to cancel your membership, please do this online via My Account. There is a link to cancel your membership there. Cancellations must be initated via this method so that your cancellation is immediately activated in our rental system.

Emails Regarding Billing
If you have questions or concerns regarding Membership Billing, please review the following links:

Any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via the form below! Thanks!

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