Teaching Scent Discrimination and the Directed Retrieve by Diane Bauman

Teaching Scent Discrimination and the Directed Retrieve
Diane Bauman

In this DVD, Diane Bauman picks up where she left off in the DVD "Retrieve for All Breeds". In this DVD she guides you through the process of teaching these two Utility exercises. The ultimate goal is to teach your dog to think during these exercises.

About Diane:

One of today’s most successful professionals in the field of canine agility and obedience, Diane Bauman uses her talent and innate sensitivity for understanding how dogs think and how people learn. A born teacher, she has instructed hundreds of successful students, many of whom have gone on to become famous competitors and trainers in the world of canine competition.

Diane represented the US on the World Agility Team for three consecutive years, winning both silver and gold medals. Diane has also put obedience, tracking and herding titles on a wide variety of dog breeds. In addition to competing and teaching, Diane has devoted countless hours to rehabilitating and training hundreds of rescued dogs throughout the years. Diane is also the author of numerous publications, training manuals and books on the topics of obedience, tracking and agility. Her teaching methods, outlined in her latest book entitled Agility Start to Finish, will guide the aspiring agility competitor to learn everything they need to know about agility.

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