An Introduction to Canine Carting by Beth Ostrander

An Introduction to Canine Carting
Beth Ostrander

In this DVD, Beth Ostrander of Dog Works, Inc. will introduce you to the world of Carting. She demonstrates what a Carting Dog can do. She also discusses the basic obedience training necessary to start your dog in carting, and the additional commands that are necessary including start, stop, left, right, and other techniques that you may wish to employ.

Dogworks, Inc was founded in 1992 by Beth and John Ostrander in order to make quality working equipment readily available. They began with Draft and Water equipment due to their experience and love of these Newfoundland sports. Driven by interest from an incredible variety of breeds, they began designing dog carts and harnesses for dogs of all sizes. Some models have come & gone while others have been honed almost to perfection. Dog Works® has earned a fine reputation in the United States and internationally for quality, thoughtfully designed products.

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