The Fundamentals of Animal Clicker Training by Bob Bailey

The Fundamentals of Animal Clicker Training
Bob Bailey

This 4 DVD set contains over 5 hours of instruction with one of the most highly regarded animal trainers in the world. Bob Bailey brings with him over 40 years experience in animal training, from marine mammals to the household pet.

Bob has the incredible knack of taking complex concepts and making them understandable and practical for trainers. Learn how operant conditioning and clicker training can help you get the behaviors you want. Whether you want to teach your bird to ride a bike or your performance dog to reach their ultimate performance, this video can be the key to your success. Anyone who wants to train animals will benefit from this incredible DVD.

With over 40 years experience in animal behavior and clicker training, Bob Bailey has influenced animal trainers around the world.

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Basic Training
Clicker Training

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