One Mind - Agility Training ideas by Janita Leinonen

One Mind - Agility Training ideas
Janita Leinonen

** Please Note: This DVD is in PAL (overseas) format. PAL DVDs will generally NOT play on standard DVD players but WILL play on a computer.

*** This 3 volume series is manufactured on generic store-bought Maxwell DVD-r discs by the distributor. Please do NOT confuse them with your own personal backup DVD-r discs.

Introducing the One Mind handling system started by Janita Leinonen and is focused on strong pre-cuing and use of body language to help the dog understand where we want him to go after a specific obstacle before attempting it.

The idea is to let the dog perfectly know where you want to go. It's the dogs' system and is therefore named One Mind.

The One Mind Agility Training ideas is a 2 DVD set and is in Finnish and is only suitable for handlers who are familiar with the One Mind handling system introduced in Handling Technique

We have found these DVDs easy to follow and understand even though they ARE IN FINNISH!

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