First Aid for Pet Pros by Sally Beckley Smith

First Aid for Pet Pros
Sally Beckley Smith

What do you do in an emergency with a pet in your care? Is anyone trained on your staff to handle emergencies? Every person who handles animals, should know the basics. Perhaps it is time for a refresher. Sally, a certified Vet Tech and owner of a veterinary clinic, will offer insight and practical information to pet pros in this four hour Friday daytime program.

Some of her topics will be: recognizing normal from abnormal signs and symptoms, assessing a scene of an accident or injury, emergency situations and practices, common problems in boarding and grooming, bandaging issues, and what should be contained in a first aid kit.

Sally Beckley Smith is the owner of Companion Pet Enterprises, a company dedicated to advising and aiding others in their business endeavors. Smith is also the President of Airborne Animals LLC, a pet transportation company and Past President of the American Boarding Kennels Association. Sally is a certified veterinary technician, and groomer. She helped design and oversee construction of a pet care facility housing a veterinary hospital, boarding kennel, grooming shop, crematory, and pet shipping services. She was director of the facility for 13 years. Smith has over 23 years of experience working in the pet industry.

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