The Long Jump: A Simple Start-to-Finish Training Plan by Mary Ellen Barry

The Long Jump: A Simple Start-to-Finish Training Plan
Mary Ellen Barry

The long jump is often neglected in agility training (also called the broad jump in AKC-Agility). Most of us aren't comfortable with common handling maneuvers (front crosses, rear crosses, threadles, serpentines, recalls, etc.) when we encounter the long jump.

In this DVD, Mary Ellen Barry demonstrates her clever and simple training program for teaching your dog that there is a correct entry and exit for the long jump. This training program will enable you to cue turns and extension lines, and your dog can be responsible for straightening his approach when necessary and for completing the entire obstacle even if there's a turn afterward.

If you're willing to put in the training time, you won’t have to let this obstacle dictate your choice of handling ever again. In this DVD, you will see that in just a few training sessions your dog can have a brilliant long jump performance. This DVD includes example of dogs of varying ages and levels of experience being trained.

Mary Ellen has been involved in dog training for 15 years. Her ability to break things down for students and explain and clarify concepts make her an excellent presenter and teacher. She has an excellent eye and is able to pinpoint simple training exercises for handlers to work on at home to improve coursework.

Mary Ellen has earned an ADCH with 4 border collies, Zoe, Fizz, E-Z and Maizy. Fizz and Maizy both earned their ADCH before the age of 3. Fizz and Mary Ellen represented the USA at the 2006 IFCS World Championships in the Netherlands where they earned 6 placements including 3 Gold Medals. They represented the USA again at the 2008 IFCS World Championships in Belgium. She's currently competing with Fizz, E-Z and Maizy.

Mary Ellen teaches seminars and camps throughout the U.S and Canada.

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