Behavior Problems and Helping the Reactive Dog by Sarah Wilson

Behavior Problems and Helping the Reactive Dog
Sarah Wilson

Behavior Problems: Confusion, Clarity and Change

How problem behaviors present themselves can vary, but what steps need to be taken to resolve them? Learn a simple way to assess a problem, and a formula you can apply to create a solution that works, whether it is a housebreaking problem, barking at the window, chasing the cat or eating out of the cat box. It all becomes straightforward when you have a method of assessment and a protocol for treatment.

Helping the Reactive Dog
The grooming salon, boarding facility, doggie daycare, shelters, and dog training classes are filled with them. The leaping, spinning, mouthing dogs, with exhausted owners on the other end of the lead, saying things that always seem to begin with, “We really love him but….” Reactive dogs take what novice handlers throw at them – emotion, confusion, frustration – and magnify it. They jump higher, spin faster, mouth harder. Helping these dogs is pretty easy, once you know a few of the tricks that will be explained here.

For over twenty years, Sarah Wilson has taught people how to have fun while training their pets. Her television work includes PBS' Nature Why We Love Cats and Dogs, New England Cable News Secret fife of Animals and Nick Jrs. A Pup Grows Up. Her books on animal training and behavior include Dogology; My Smart Puppy; Good Owners, Great Dogs; Tails from the Barkside and Childproofing Your Dog. Sarah and her husband, fellow-trainer Brian Kilcommons, have written more than a dozen articles for Parade Magazine including two cover stories, Make that Tail Wag! & Adopt Me-Ow, which were nominated for the HSUS Genesis Award. Her print list includes The Oprah Magazine (most recently February, 2009), The Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, Cosmopolitan, Trends, W, New York Newsday, Parenting, Woman's Day, The Healthy Dog and Prevention Magazine and she is a regular contributor to WagReflex.com, Amazon's pet blog.

A sought after lecturer for pet owners and professionals alike, her credits include: Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, Groomer's Expo, Guiding Eyes for the Blind, Inc., Pet Sitters International, American Council for the Blind, International Association of Canine Professionals. She is on the Advisory Committee for the Animal Rescue League's Center for Shelter Animals located in Boston.

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