An Introduction to the Multidimensional  Canine by Mark Marsolais Ph.D.

An Introduction to the Multidimensional Canine
Mark Marsolais Ph.D.

This lecture series introduces the multiple roles that canines assume in everyday life. The presenters discuss the versatility of canines and how they serve as family members, companions, sport teammates, therapists, biological detectors, first responders, and frontline security. The presenters introduce how some canines are able to serve multiple roles (e.g., biological detector and therapist) while others are best served by enjoying a singular purpose (e.g., companion). Finally, they discuss the need for proper record keeping.

Topics will include:

Introduction and Overview
Caring for the Multidimensional Canine
Keeping Track of the Multidimensional Canine

2 disc DVD set, run time 3 hours 6 minutes

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