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Naughty But Nice by Tom Mitchell

Naughty But Nice
Tom Mitchell

Does your dog lunge or bark?

Is your dog easily distracted?

Has your dog been described as "reactive"?

Is your dog a worrier?

Every person reading this has met a Naughty But Nice dog. These dogs may lunge, bark, growl, chase, bite, or generally look worried. They may become easily frustrated or overaroused; they may become very distracted dogs or unresponsive in certain environments. Naughty But Nice dogs are often labeled "stubborn," "dominant," "aggressive," "reactive," or even "evil" and "downright difficult." These dogs are the most misunderstood dogs in town. Owning an Naughty But Nice dog as a companion can seriously test the human/canine relationship on a daily basis, but owning a Naughty But Nice dog as a sports dog can be even more difficult and career-ending.

In this DVD, Dr. Tom Mitchell and Lauren Langman share their innovative, completely reward-based and out-of-the-box creative approach to changing the behavior of Naughty But Nice dogs as well as these dogs' long-term emotional responses to triggers. Arming yourself with the right knowledge, skills, and training games, makes living with and progressing with Naughty But Nice dogs effortless and stress-free. Whether your dog is a companion dog or a sports competitor, you can build the skills needed to achieve success and, more importantly, long-term happiness with your dog.

Through the Naughty But Nice DVD, you will

Learn to be your dog’s expert
Learn to understand how your Naughty But Nice dog learns so you can use that information
Learn to understand canine emotions and how to change them
Discover your dog's unique personalityand how to develop it further
Create calmness!
Train a framework to make living with your Naughty But Nice dog a cinch!
Turn your dog into an optimist that responds positively to everything
Be able to manipulate your dog's arousal levels
Play games that develop laser-sharp focus and impulse control

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